We’ve been asked a number of times over the launch about the design process with Chizzy on his new darts, so Harrows Director Damian Ara explains a bit more on the developments behind the final design…

On the design process with the Harrows team, “Initially, Dave didn’t want to change too much from his old darts, although he was keen for us to add some extra grip. His previous darts were manufactured with a round-end cutting tool, so we used a more aggressive square-end tool and machined them slightly deeper – which did the job! 

With any dart development, it takes some time to get the final design tailored perfectly to a player’s style “Dave went away and played with them for a couple of weeks and came back to us saying that, whilst he was very happy with the level of grip, he also wanted more “feel.” 

“This request required a more scientific approach, so we recorded his throw in ultra-slow motion, from many different angles, to see where on the barrel his fingers touch at the exact moment of release and concentrated on these important areas. 

Chizzy releases the dart mainly from the front of the barrel but changes to a rear grip when he wants to add more power and for certain double shots, so we placed micro-grooves in these specific areas and also added black titanium nitride coating for extra “feel.” 

This made all the difference for Dave… he immediately noticed the difference, especially in the latter stages of games, when players don’t have as much feel in their fingers due to fatigue and perspiration. 

On the finish of the darts, “Chizzy didn’t want the dart to be plain black, as he sometimes struggled to see where these landed in the board, plus Dave was adamant that his new darts needed to be unique, so we recut some sections to reveal the natural, silver tungsten and then added some yellow gold coating to match the Chizzy image. 

Dave absolutely loves how his new Harrows darts have come out. He hit his first 9 darter with them in our office, quickly followed by his second in the quarter finals of the Gibraltar Darts Trophy in September, so they are definitely doing the business!”

The Harrows team are looking forward to seeing where Chizzy’s new darts take him next! 

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And to find out more about Chizzy’s darts, take a look here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KJ5XnbupPNA